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Hanukkah Gifts Shopping – Shine a Light on Israel

A Guide to Buying Hanukkah Gifts From Israel.

With the start of Hanukkah (Hanukah/Chanuka /Chanukah) just over a month away, now is the perfect time to order Hanukkah gifts for all your friends and family and have them delivered from Israel just in time. By ordering Hanukkah gifts from Israel you can support Israeli stores that have been closed or empty since the tragic events of 7th October, and get unique Hanukkah gifts, it is a win-win scenario.

Please also consider buying a gift for evacuated children, Hanukkah Gifts for Displaced Families – Support Israel.

I have put together a selection of Israeli companies selling Hanukkah-related products, and other Hanukkah gifts for all the family. Please note that although in Hebrew, and for Sephardim, a Hanukkah lamp is called a Hanukkiah (hanukiah/chanukiah), many Ashkenazim and English speakers refer to it as a Hanukkah Menorah. I will also refer to them in the English plural of Hanukkiahs (rather than Hanukkiot) to avoid confusion.

All the companies listed below have websites in English and offer worldwide shipping.  These businesses very much need your support, but please consider that processing times might be longer than usual and there may be delays in the shipping process, so be sure to place your orders soon.

Hanukkiahs & Hanukkah-related Israel Gifts

Agayof Judaica is a family business founded over 40 years ago in Jerusalem and the original designers of colored anodized aluminum Judaica. I have been buying gifts from Agayof for over 20 years and the quality and design never disappoints. Hanukkah products include travel and full-size Hanukkiahs, ranging in price from $120 to $900. Agayof has eight different designs of traveling Hanukkiahs, and they make a perfect bar or bat mitzvah gift.

Armadillo Judaica Lovers is a collection of Judaica and homeware combining Jewish tradition with modern design handcrafted in Israel. Hanukkah products include minimalist Hanukkiahs and dreidels made from 3D-printed clay, ceramic, brass, and acrylic. Prices range from $76 to $229.

Art with Neshama sells a variety of Hanukkah products including glass Hanukkah blessing signs in various designs, as well as wooden dreidels. Prices range from $8 to $85.

Barbara Shaw made aliyah from Sydney, Australia nearly 40 years ago. Her store sells modern, Jewish-themed homeware products with unique designs and prints. Hanukkah Gifts include Hanukkiahs, Hanukkah gift bags, Hanukkah drip trays, Hanukkah aprons, and other Hanukkah-themed items. Hanukkah products range in price from $5 to $149, with free shipping on orders over $175. I have bought gifts from Barbara for years and she is now my neighbor.

Ceramics By Orly is an Israeli ceramic store with a range of Hanukkah menorahs in different styles and colors. Prices range from $82 to$167.

Dabbah is a Judaica and jewelry store in Jerusalem, with a focus on anodized metal and silver items. Hanukkah products include travel and full-size Hanukiahs, ranging in price from $120 to $5500. Shipping rates vary depending on the location and size of the order. Dabbah makes lovely products and the owner is very nice to deal with.

Emanuel Judaica is known for using vivid colors and strong designs. Hanukkah products include a vast selection of full-size and travel Hanukkiahs, made from either metal or wood. Emanuel stocks a large selection of Hanukkah dreidels, including painted wooden designs, for which the designer was first known. Drediels range in price from $17 to $36, and Hanukkah Menorahs from $34 to $480. Emanuel is another go-to store for me.

Grader Designs is based in the Carmel Mountains near Haifa and the designs merge the natural elements with Judaica designs. Orit Grader hires people with special needs in her studio to add extra value to her products. She makes six designs of Hanukkiah, ranging in price from $165 to $495.

Kiyor Studio is a ceramic studio in Jerusalem owned by Chaya Esther Ort. Chaya makes a selection of ceramic Hanukiot, ranging in price from $175 to $475 and shipping is free to all destinations.

Laura Cowan is a contemporary Judaica designer and Jewish artist, originally from London and now based in Tel Aviv. All her products are original handcrafted designs. For Hanukkah, Laura has a selection of travel and full-size Hannukah Menorahs ranging in price from $125 to $375.

Nadav Art, by Avi Nadav, is a third-generation artist and silversmith based in Jerusalem. Nadav Art’s selection of Hanukkah gifts includes traditional and contemporary Hanukkiot, traveling menorahs, dreidels, matchbox holders, and candle lighters. Hanukkah products are made from aluminum, brass, onyx, and silver, and range in price from $60 to $39,100. I have bought some lovely items from this store.

Shevach is a family-run store making silver Judaica, combining traditional Yeminte filigree with clean and modern designs. The store sells a selection of traditional silver Hanukkiahs costing from $740 to $7,979. The products are good quality and the family is a pleasure to deal with, I highly recommend them.

SheviB Glass Creations has a series of glass Hanukkiot which all cost around NIS 500.

World of Judaica is one of the biggest online retailers of quality Judaica and Israeli-made items and is based in Jerusalem. The store allows you to order from various designers in one place. It includes products from some designers who do not ship their products internationally from their stores, such as Adi Sidler, and DanonHanukkah products include a variety of Hanukkiahs, Hanukkah candles, and matchbox holders, which range in price from $5 to $2,700.

Israeli Jewellery Gifts for Hanukkah

Baltinester Jewelry & Judaica is one of the oldest jewelry shops in Jerusalem, selling a range of traditional jewelry and Judaica. I bought an Eilat stone chai necklace from this store on my first visit to Israel at the age of 11. Prices range from $39 to $10, 494 and shipping is free to all destinations. There is currently 10% off the entire site.

Ben Jewellers is a fine jewelry store in Ra’aana with a large selection of Jewish jewelry. Prices range from $105 to $34,320 and worldwide shipping is free. 15% of revenue is donated to the victims of the 7.10 attack.

Ha’ari Kabbalah Jewelry designs jewelry based on Jewish mystical tradition which is made in studios in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Prices range from $39 to $2,150 and the store offers free worldwide shipping on orders over $139.

Hadaya Jewelry is famous for making one-of-a-kind engraved jewelry which is especially popular with seminary (yeshiva) girls. The handcrafted pieces feature biblical quotes and personal messages. Prices range from $15 to $7,250 and shipping costs vary.

Hagar Satat handmakes her jewelry in a studio in Tel Aviv. She has three stores in Tel Aviv and sells her jewelry in 60 stores worldwide. Prices range from $19 to $119 and worldwide shipping is free on all orders.

Impulsiva is a jewelry design company based in Hadera, focusing on handcrafted chain necklaces and chokers. Prices range from $27 to $420.

KB Jewels is a fashion accessories brand created in Milan and run out of Tel Aviv. The collections are bright and colorful, with a focus on evil eyes, hamsa, and other symbols.

Megemeria Jewelry is a jewelry school that provides professional training and employment opportunities to Ethiopian immigrants. The students have produced a range of jewelry designs in support of Israel. Prices range from $52 to $998 and worldwide shipping is free.

Meital Bar Jewelry makes handmade silver and gold jewelry with the option for personalized engraving of names and fingerprints. Prices range from NIS 179 to NIS 2,500, and international shipping costs NIS 150. 20% of purchases will be donated to evacuated families.

Muscat Jewelry is my go-to store for Israeli jewelry gifts for friends and family, and sometimes myself. The store sells a range of designs, including solid gold fine jewelry, and gold-plated fashion jewelry. Their modern designs with traditional symbols suit teenagers and adults alike. Prices range from NIS 159 to 10,950.

Nir Oliva Jewelry is a fine jewelry designer in Tel Aviv with a background in goldsmithing and geology. Prices range from $260 to  $7,800 and worldwide shipping is free. Nir comes highly recommended by a friend in Tel Aviv.

Noa Sharon Designs creates handmade jewelry from 100% recycled gold and silver and conflict-free and fair-trade gemstones. Prices range from $58 to $4,570 and worldwide shipping is free on orders over $180.

Pata Pata Jewelry designs earrings, septum rings, nose rings, and spiritual necklaces. All the jewelry is handmade from nickel-free sterling silver. Prices range from $27 to $130 and all shipping to the US is free.

Princess K Jewelry is a fashion jewelry brand inspired by fairytales. Prices range from $49 to $129 and worldwide shipping is free.

Shirli’s Jewelry is a Haifa-based jewelry store by goldsmith Shirli Matatia. Prices range from $210 to $2,070 and there is free shipping on orders over $250.

Shlomit Ofir is a Tel Aviv-based designer selling jewelry,  watches, shoes, handbags, home decor, and stationery.  Prices range from $3 to $2,027 and worldwide shipping is free.

SilverBar55 is a family-run Israeli jewelry store based in Ramat HaSharon specializing in silver jewelry with Jewish themes. Prices range from $19 to $1,775.

Tami Motiv is a jewelry designer from Bethlehem of Galilee who created delicate feminine jewelry products. Prices range from NIS 84 to NIS 3,900.

Other Hanukkah Gifts from Israel

Bagels & Locks Studios creates online escape room challenges and other activities focused on Israel and other Jewish themes. Games can be played in small groups or in large groups in different locations.

Ceremonials is a modern Judaica store based in Tel Aviv. Prices range from $112 to $1350 and shipping is free on all orders.

Cyber Angelz

A fun option for gifts for teenage girls, Cyber Angelz sells accessories, bags, belts, jewelry, clothing, and underwear. Prices range from NIS 13.50 to NIS 200.

Doron Zeevi creates modern Judaica items such as challah covers, tallitot (prayer shawls), tallit bags, tefillin bags, and Sefer Torah covers. prayer shawls and crowns. Prices range from $50 to $925.

Gala Designs is a design studio in Givatayim by designer Gal Almog. Gal focuses on simple designs made primarily from wood.

Galilee Dreams sells a range of herbal scented sachets and scented candles, made from herbs, plants, and fruit that are grown in the Galilee region in Israel. Prices range from $6 to $154 and shipping worldwide is free for orders of $100.

Groovim is a sock brand founded by a young couple in Jerusalem. Designs include Israeli snacks such as bissli and krembo, Israeli politicians such as Golda Meir and Moshe Dayna, and other Jewish symbols. Prices range from NIS 25 to NIS 149 and worldwide shipping is free on orders over NIS 300.

Hasod sells a variety of gift boxes with products from local Israeli artisans and designers.  The choice of boxes includes birthdays, new babies, weddings, housewarming, and more. Prices range from $35 to $159 and worldwide shipping is $18.

Inhale Exhale is a yoga accessory store selling yoga bags,  blankets, shawls, and sarongs made in Israel. Prices range from $56 to $130. Free shipping for orders over $80, and $15 for those under.

JPF Design creates unique Judaica from natural wood and resin, specifically mezuzot, challah boards, and book stands (shtenders). Prices start at $75 and most items can be personalized.

Justine Hats makes hats using natural sustainable materials, minimizing waste and water use. All hats are handmade using traditional millinery equipment. Justine makes a selection of hats for men and women, including beanies, fedoras, cloche, fascinators, boaters, caps, and more. Prices range from $59 to $580 and worldwide shipping is free on all orders.

Lev Haolam is a monthly box subscription service that includes products from small businesses in Judea & Samaria, which are affected by terror and international boycotts. The boxes cost $99 each month and the first month is $79.20. is a design studio in Rehovot making Mezuzot from Pez dispensers, known as Pezuzahs (NIS 75-400) and Artsi Fartsi Bags (NIS 180-450).

Loni’s is a natural, vegan skincare brand made with cold-pressed natural oils, plant-derived vitamins and minerals. Delivery is available to EU, USA, and Japan for packages up to 0.5 Kg via UPS.

Made by Dalia makes home decor products from Jesmonite which is an eco-friendly alternative to resin and vegan candles from soy wax. Products include Shabbat candle holders, trays, and coasters. Prices range from NIS 50 to NIS 200 and shipping fees are calculated based on weight. Dalia is originally from the UK, now living in Tel Aviv.

Mezoome Designs is a kid’s clothing and bedding company made from organic cotton. Products include sleeping bags, blankets, bed sheets, activity mats, coats, bibs, stroller liners, babygrows (bodysuits), and muslins.

Noa Attias Judaica makes hand-cut and laser-cut works of Judaica, including challah boards, seder plates, candle lighting boards, home blessings, baby names, ketubot, and other gifts. Prices range from $69 to $775. Noa comes highly recommended by a friend.

Plastic Jus is an Israeli fashion brand selling clothes for adults and children, with a focus on fantasy, music icons, candies, rock, pop, and dreams. Free shipping on orders over NIS 500.

Salty Notion is a fashion brand inspired by the ocean and is focused on reducing waste. 10% of profits go to cleaning oceans.

Sandra Gross is a Brazilian-Israeli abstract artist who makes limited-quantity textured and plexiglass art. Sandra offers worldwide shipping on all her art.

Small Talk is a custom art and decor company owned by Efrat who is an illustrator and designer, primarily focused on decor for children’s rooms—international shipping costs from $14.50 to $18.50.

Studio Cheha is a 2D & 3D artwork studio run by Israeli couple Aya and Nir. Their products include desk & floor lamps, nightlights, enlightened mirrors, and other home decor. Prices range from $83 to $530.

Stylish Luck is a Tel Aviv-based studio that produces home decor, jewelry, and accessories, including key rings, home blessings, and wall hangings. Prices range from NIS 39 to NIS 560.

Talush Art makes a selection of pop art and home decor, including 3D balloon dogs, rubber ducks, and resin candlelight holders.

Touchwoodesign makes wooden 3D puzzles, educational puzzles & 3D wall decor. Products have various themes including biblical, Jewish holidays,  wildlife, transportation, games, and education.

YA Fine Art is an art studio in Jerusalem run by Yehoshua Aryeh Stauber, an American-Israeli photographer,  who sells Israeli landscape photography. Prices are available on request from the artist and 20% of proceeds support bereaved families.

Yaar Ceramics is an independent ceramics store in Tel Aviv that sells ceramic home decor and kitchenware. Prices range from NIS 40 to NIS 420.

Yoffi is a family-owned company that provides various gift boxes from Israel including kosher food products, such as halva, tahina, dates, and more. Yoffi has a selection of gifts to show support for Am Israel. Prices range from NIS 28 to NIS 670. I have ordered boxes from Yoffi and they are very professional to deal with.

Zach Froneman Art is an artist who uses various formats for his art, including tigers with oriental patterns in acrylics on canvas, board & wood, the Old City of Jerusalem painted on parchment, Hebrew bible passages in acrylics & graphite, and Jewish passages written on parchment with hand-cut quills and reed pens. Prices range from $29 to $1770 and he provides free worldwide shipping on all signed and numbered prints.

In addition to all the stores mentioned above, there are hundreds of boutique artists and gift makers from Israel on Etsy selling Judaica, jewelry, art, and other gifts. Take a look at the incredible selection of Israeli Etsy stores.

Disclaimer: I am not personally familiar with all the stores above but stores in Israel with English websites are used to dealing with international customers. I have indicated which stores I have personal experience with.

Here are some other ways to support Israel during this time:

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