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Send Hanukkah Gifts to Displaced Families While Supporting the Israeli Economy

There are currently over 200,000 Israeli families who have been evacuated from their homes on the borders with Gaza and Lebanon. Many of these families left their homes in a hurry and brought with them enough for a few days. While these families still need many essential items, they also need to be uplifted emotionally, and what better way to do that than by sending them Hanukkah presents?

Hanukkah Gift Registries for Displaced Families

All the gifts on these registries will be given directly to displaced families in Jerusalem via Chabad of Talbiya-Mamilla and The Shalva National Crisis Response Center. The gift registries include practical gifts for the families like Hanukiot and challah covers, essential baby items, and a selection of games and toys for the children that will all be wrapped and given out on Hanukkah. The LaBayit Gifts registry automatically adds shipping costs to each item, however, to be more cost-effective, we will make a few bulk deliveries so that the remaining shipping money will pay for additional gifts. There is an option to include a personalized message which will be included with your gift.

Gift Registries: Hanukkah Gifts for Displaced Families in Jerusalem & Hanukkah Gifts for Older Children

For any questions about this project, please send a message through the contact form on this website. La’Bayit Gifts can also be used to send gifts to friends and family in Israel.

Here are some other Israeli stores with English websites for sending gifts to either evacuated families or your own friends and family in Israel:

  • 4U Gifts Toys is an online gift service with a toy section.
  • Especially For You Israel is a gift basket business including baked goods, sweets, wine, and Judaica—delivery in Jerusalem and Bet Shemesh.
  • Kipod Toys specializes in the design of creative wooden toys and educational craft kits.
  • Malky’s Toy Store is an American-run toy store in Jerusalem with delivery all over Israel.
  • SJ Custom Gifts is a Tel Aviv-based personalized gifts company. Prices range from NIS 45 to NIS 225.
  • Touchwoodesign makes wooden 3D puzzles, educational puzzles & 3D wall decor.

I also put together a list of gift stores in Israel that ship internationally as a way for people outside of Israel to support Israeli businesses and get cool gifts, Hanukkah Gifts Shopping – Shine a Light on Israel.

Wishing you all a Hannukah Sameach.

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