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Tel Aviv Beach Restaurants

A Guide to Tel Aviv Beach Restaurants and Sea View Restaurants in the Tel Aviv District.

One area in Israel where it is not hard to find a restaurant with a sea view is the greater Tel Aviv district which includes Bat Yam and Yafo. The Tel Aviv district has the largest number of beach and sea view restaurants in all of Israel. These restaurants are typically centered around the ports and marinas or located on the beach itself. This post does not include every single restaurant or cafe located on the Tel Aviv shoreline, but I have tried to include as many as possible. The restaurants are not kosher unless specified as kosher.

Bat Yam Beach Restaurants

Located just south of Tel Aviv, Bat Yam has gained popularity in recent years with tourists, olim, and holiday-home owners, due to its proximity to the beach and Tel Aviv. The city has a long shoreline and promenade, and the property prices are significantly lower than in Tel Aviv and northern beach towns such as Herzliya Pituach and Netanya. None of these restaurants are kosher.

  • Aroma is a cafe chain opposite the beach with outside seating.
  • BabaCim is a Turkish restaurant serving doner kebab, lachmabagin, and other traditional meat and cheese dishes.
  • Cafe Cafe (Mehadrin) is an average chain restaurant on the Bat Yam promenade.
  • Cafe Joe is a chain cafe opposite the beach.
  • Deda is a chain of traditional Georgian restaurants and the Bat Yam branch is opposite the beach.
  • Gemo is a traditional Georgian restaurant overlooking the beach.
  • Gorilla Bar Cafe is located on the promenade in Bat Yam overlooking the beach. The menu includes pasta, quiches, noodles, schnitzel, burgers, kebabs, steaks and other dishes.
  • Japanika is a sushi chain restaurant opposite the beach with outdoor seating.
  • Kura is a sushi bar and Asian kitchen on the beach. As well as a varied sushi menu, the menu includes fish tartar, fish and meat tataki, gyoza, Bao buns and wok noodle dishes.
  • Patrick’s is an Irish Pub on the promenade with a large outside seating area and live performances.
  • Petra Beach is a restaurant and bar with live performances on Jerusalem beach.
  • Pundak Benny (Badatz Beit Yosef) is a grill restaurant opposite the beach.
  • Seiko (Badatz Beit Yosef) is an Asian wok and sushi restaurant opposite the beach.
  • Stella Beach (Dag Al HaYam) has a typical Israeli beach menu and party atmosphere.
  • Talassa is a Greek restaurant on the beach with a formal inside seating area and comfortable tables on the sand itself.
  • Tampopo is a boutique sushi restaurant opposite the beach with some outdoor seating.
  • Tayo is a seafood, fish and meat restaurant on the beach.
  • Villa Mare is a grilled fish, seafood and meat restaurant on the Bat Yam Tayelet (Promenade). The restaurant also has a great cocktail menu and nighttime vibe. Here is the Villa Mare full English menu.

Yafo Beach and Old Jaffa Port Restaurants

Most of the sea view restaurants in Yafo are located in the Old Jaffa Port (Old Yafo Port) but there are a few on Givat Aliyah Beach, the southernmost beach of Tel Aviv – Yafo coastline. None of these restaurants are kosher.

  • Abu Nassar Hinnawi is a grilled meat, fish and seafood restaurant opposite the beach in the Ajami neighborhood in Yaffo. Here is the full Abu Nassar English menu.
  • Cassis is a modern Mediterranean-style restaurant overlooking Givat Aliyah Beach. The menu focuses on local fresh fish and seafood with Middle Eastern influences. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, here is the full Cassis English menu.
  • Calat HaYam (Arous Albahahr) overlooks the beach near Cassis and focuses on grilled meat, fish and seafood.
  • Goldman’s Court overlooks the beach promenade where Tel Aviv and Yafo merge. It serves breakfast until midday Monday to Saturday. The lunch menu includes a selection of salads and main courses and for dinner, there is an extensive grilled fish and meat selection. Check out the full Goldman’s Court English menu.
  • Kalamata is a Greek restaurant on the hill overlooking the sea and port. The restaurant serves a variety of traditional Greek dishes, such as mezze, Spanakopita, tzatziki, Taramasalata, moussaka, lamb gyros and Chicken souvlaki. Here is the full Kalamata English menu.
  • Parakalo is a Greek Tavern overlooking the sea in the Old Jaffa Port. The restaurant serves a selection of Greek breakfast options until 1 pm before moving to a traditional Greek lunch and dinner menu, here is a full Parakalo English menu.
  • The Fisherman’s Restaurant / Hadayagim is a traditional grilled fish restaurant in the Old Port with meat options.
  • The Old Man & The Sea is a popular traditional grilled fish restaurant in the port. The meal starts with a mezze of 22 salads and fresh laffa bread. The menu includes a variety of grilled or fried fish, as well as seafood and meat. Here is the full The Old Man & The Sea English menu.

Tel Aviv Beach and Sea View Restaurants

From Namal Tel Aviv (Tel Aviv Port) in the north to the Old City of Jaffa in the South, the 14 km stretch of Tel Aviv beach has a large variety of beach and sea view restaurants. Many are fast-food beach restaurants with a focus on convenience over quality,  but there are a few culinary gems mixed among them. None of the Tel Aviv beach restaurants are kosher, but there are several kosher restaurants in the Namal and some sea view restaurants, mostly in the seaside hotels.

  • Alma Beach is a simple beach restaurant and bar on the South Tel Aviv dog beach. The menu focuses on bar food and drinks.
  • Animar is a modern Mediterranean Chef tavern by Chef Hillel Tavakuli using quality raw ingredients. The restaurant serves fresh fish, seafood, meat and vegetable dishes and is located in the Dan Tel Aviv,  with a separate entrance.
  • Beach Club on Banana Beach in South Tel Aviv is a complex with a surf club, fitness club, clothes shop, restaurant and beach bar. As well as the usual suspects, the restaurant serves sushi.
  • Benny Hadayag / Fisherman in Namal Tel Aviv is a traditional fish restaurant with a variety of fresh fish and mezze dishes.
  • Bingo Burger is a new burger restaurant overlooking Gordon Beach in Tel Aviv by Chef Guy Gamzo of NuNuNu. As well as classic burgers, Bingo serves a crispy chicken sandwich, a fish burger, a vegan burger, mac & cheese, chicken nuggets and chicken wings.
  • Bistro Masada is an Israeli cafe and bistro overlooking Bograshov Beach.
  • Blue Tel Baruch Beach is a restaurant on the beach in Tel Baruch, near Ramat Aviv. Here is the Blue Tel Baruch English menu.
  • Cafe Nimrod is a cafe chain originally from Rosh Pina in Namal Tel Aviv.
  • Castello (Kosher) is an Italian restaurant in Namal Tel Aviv.
  • CocBeach is a Thai restaurant next to Coco Thai, open all day and includes live performances.
  • Coco Thai is a Thai restaurant by MKR contestants Nadav and Daniel. it is located on Frishman Beach.
  • Darya (Kosher) is a restaurant in the Hilton Tel Aviv (replacing Chloelys) by Chef Hillel Tavakuli of Animar. The menu is described as modern silk road cuisine, a fusion of the Far East and Mediterranean food. The restaurant includes a private room for up to 30 people overlooking the sea. The restaurant has a wonderful view of the sun setting over the sea.
  • Fortuna del Mar is located in the Tel Aviv Marina overlooking the boats. The restaurant has separate breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. Here are the full Fortuna del Mar English menus.
  • Gazoz Beach is a trendy restaurant on Jerusalem Beach. By day there is a varied menu with something for everyone and the nighttime menu focuses on tapas and cocktails, Gazoz Beach English menu.
  • Greco Beach is the largest beach restaurant in Israel located on Frishman beach, in front of the Sheraton Hotel. The complex includes a bar, a Greek deli, a bakery, an ice cream parlor, a cafe and a takeaway kiosk serving gyros, Souvlaki and more.
  • Hilton Bay is a Beach and Surf Club on Hilton Beach under the Hilton Tel Aviv hotel. Food and drink can be enjoyed on the spacious deck area overlooking the beach, or on the beach itself. The food at Hilton Bar is better than an average beach restaurant.
  • LaLa Land is the main beach restaurant on Gordon Beach. During the day it is much like the other beach restaurants but at night it is a more formal beachside restaurant. Here is the Lala land full English menu.
  • La Mer Beach is a simple beach restaurant on Bograshov beach.
  • Landwer Cafe is one of the nicer cafe chains, located in Namal Tel Aviv.
  • Lechem Basar (Badatz Machpud) in Namal Tel Aviv focuses on grilled meats and caters to an Ultra-Orthodox clientele.
  • Loullie is a new Beach Club bar and restaurant on Gordon Beach in Tel Aviv, in place of Gordo’s.
  • Maison Kayser is an authentic French cafe located next to Maison Kayer’s first bakery in Israel. The cafe is in Namal Tel Aviv and overlooks the sea.
  • Manara is a Levantine-style dairy fish restaurant in the Sheraton Tel Aviv hotel, by Chef Nimrod Hadas and the TYO group. The menu is divided into Island, Land, and Sea dishes.
  • Manta Ray is one of Tel Aviv’s original fine dining beachfront restaurants, specializing in fish and seafood. It is located on Alma Beach.
  • Max Brenner is located at the Northern end of the Namal Tel Aviv with a limited sea view. As well as being a haven for chocolate lovers, they also serve a variety of good savory dishes, making it a perfect family-friendly dining option.
  • Meat Kitchen (Kosher) was previously one of my favorite kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv before it relocated to the Namal. I was very disappointed by the ambiance and service at the new location, and as it was winter, it was too cold to sit in the conservatory overlooking the sea.
  • Menachem is a deli and restaurant opposite Bograshov Beach, with the option to dine in the restaurant or create a picnic for eating on the beach.
  • Mezizim Beach is one of Tel Aviv’s most popular beachside bars with a simple bar food menu.
  • Oshi Oshi (Badatz Beit Yosef) is one of Israel’s more reliable sushi chains and has an interesting variety of sushi dishes to choose from.
  • Por Do Sol is a bar and restaurant in Kikar Atarim, overlooking Gordon Beach.
  • Seatara is a chef restaurant located in the Sea & Sun Complex in Northern Tel Aviv with a varied Mediterranean menu. The full English Lunch and Dinner menu can be found here.
  • Villa Mare TLV is a meat and seafood restaurant overlooking Bograshov beachfront and the sister restaurant to Villa Mare in Bat Yam. The menu includes seafood, fish, salads, pasta, risotto, burgers, and other meat dishes.
  • West Side (Kosher) at the Royal Beach Tel Aviv hotel has some of the best food and service in Tel Aviv.
  • Yassou is a Greek restaurant in the Prima Tel Aviv opposite the beach serving mezze, fish, seafood, and grilled meat. Here is the full Yassou English menu.
  • Yulia is a fish and seafood restaurant in Namal Tel Aviv. It is a family-friendly restaurant with a great selection of food, here is the full Yulia English menu.

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  1. We had a group of 12 at White Pergola when another person showed up. The staff immediately came up w a way to add our additional person. Fresh fish was delicious, lots of salads, sides that could be a meal on their own. Thoroughly enjoyed the meal and outdoor atmosphere.

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