Neeman Bakery - Hanukah - Sufganiyot Donuts - Credit Gil Aviram

The Best Jerusalem Sufganiyot Hanukah 2023

Recommendations for the best Sufganiyot in Jerusalem, as well as information about vegan, gluten-free, and wheat-free donuts.

Hanukkah Gifts for Displaced Families – Support Israel

Send Hanukkah Gifts to Displaced Families While Supporting the Israeli Economy There are currently over 200,000 Israeli families who have been evacuated from their homes on the borders with Gaza and Lebanon. Many of these families left their homes in a hurry and brought with them enough for […]

Jackos Street - Food for Israeli Soliders

Feeding Israeli Soldiers – Operation Swords of Iron

Various Initiatives in Israel to Help Feed Israeli Soldiers Israel is at war and sitting at home watching gruesome videos is not doing anyone any good. Most of us feel helpless, and powerless, and want to do whatever we can to help and support our brave soldiers.  One […]