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Top 10 Burgers in Jerusalem

A Selection of the Best Burgers in Jerusalem.

This post summarizes my selection of the 10 best burgers in Jerusalem. I know that not everyone has the same taste in burgers, so I have tried to explain my choices. While most people love lists, there are always some keyboard warriors who love to hate. If you do not agree with my selection, I would love to hear your thoughts on your favorite burger in Jerusalem, but please do so in a kind and constructive manner so we can all keep things positive! Updated October 2021.

Here is my list of the best burgers in Jerusalem:

  1. Golden Burger (Kosher)

This is the new kid on the block on Rehov Hillel from the Rothschild Group. I tried it a few times, both in-person and delivery before moving it to the top of the list. The patty is made from 100% Entrecote beef and is served with a signature house sauce and no vegetable fillings. The brioche bun is slightly toasted and once assembled, the burger is then cut in half and seared in the middle to create a caramelized flavor with the sauce. Every bite of this burger was delicious. The fries are round and were well cooked. The menu also includes chicken salad and fried chicken and there is seating outside for about 30 people.

Golden Burger, 12 Rehov Hillel, 02 545 9730

  1. Josef Burger (Kosher)

If I am looking for a good burger in a nice setting, Josef Burger is my number one choice. I always order the Angus Burger 240g (NIS 47) which I find to be more tender and juicy than the regular Josef burger and worth the extra money. They have a great choice of toppings and the service is normally quick and friendly. There is also a good business lunch deal for NIS 55 including a main, side dish and drink. My standard order is a medium Angus burger with goose breast and as a special treat, I get goose liver and/or chili pineapple toppings.

Josef Burger, 123 Agripas Street, 073 758 4219,  online order.

Josef Burger Egg Jerusalem Kosher

  1. Bolinat (Not Kosher)

Bolinat is located on a small side street off Ben Yehuda and is popular with local Israeli students. Although not exclusively a burger restaurant, the burger menu offers a variety of eight burgers, including a classic American cheese-burger (NIS 49), Dutch with Gouda and smoked goose breast (NIS 59), and Jamaican with blue cheese and pineapple (NIS 59). They also have a wide selection of toppings and a vegetarian burger (NIS 49). The patty is juicy and well flavored and in the summer, it is a great place to sit at night and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere. All burgers are 220g and fries are included in the price.

Bolinat is popular for late-night snacks and is especially busy on Friday night and Shabbat.

Bolinat, 6 Dorot Rishonim Street, 02 624 9733.

  1. Harvey’s Burger Shack (Mehuderet)

The specialty at Harvey’s Burger Shack is a smashed burger which allows for a nice crispy outside. The downside is that the size of the burger is only 125g (NIS 36) and then you can have double (NIS 48) or triple (NIS 58) if you want more.  I am not a big fan of stacked burgers, I think a single 250g burger tastes much better than two 125g served together. Another specialty at Harvey’s is the smoked meat so toppings include Applewood smoked Asado Bacon (NIS 14), Hickory Smoked Pulled Beef (NIS 16) and Montreal Smoked Meat (NIS 22). The burger and toppings are very tasty but the bun is a bit big for the burger and I find the prices to be high, considering it is a fast food place.

Harvey’s Burger Shack, 1 Shlomtzion HaMalka Street, 02 657 1303, Harvey’s Burger Shack English menu.

Harvey's Burger Shack Jerusalem Kosher

  1. Jacko’s Street (Kosher)

Much as I love the burger at Jacko’s Street, until they open their own burger place (hint hint), I have dropped its position on this list as it is not a burger restaurant. The burger has is succulent, flavorful and is served with a generous serving of roasted potatoes (NIS 78).  If you are looking for an amazing gourmet burger, this is the one to try.

Jacko’s Street, 74 Agripas Street, 02 581 7178, Jacko’s Street English menu.

  1. Iwo’s Burger (Not Kosher)

Iwo’s Burger is a typical burger restaurant with American diner-style booths.  The choice of burgers includes beef, veal, lamb, or bacon, and among the more gourmet toppings are Emmental, Roquefort and Parmesan Cheese, Bacon, Goose Liver and Truffle Butter.  They also serve a selection of sandwiches and salads, as well as, sticky chicken wings and tater tops with cheese. A classic beef burger is NIS 45 for 250g or NIS 61 with a side dish and a drink. Other burgers range in size and price, here is Iwo’s Burger English menu. Iwo’s Burger is open until 3 am, 7 days a week and they deliver within Jerusalem.

Iwo’s Burger, 24 Hillel Street, 02 622 2513, order online in English.

  1. Captain Burger (Mehadrin)

The burgers at Captain Burger are better than the average chain but they are still fast-food burgers. Burger meals start at NIS 54 including a 110g burger, fries and a drink.  You can order Captain Burger online in Hebrew.

Captain Burger, 4 David Remez Street, First Station, 02 671 9403.

  1. Burger Room JLM (Not Kosher)

For some reason, I don’t like the taste of the burgers themselves. They taste more like sausages than burgers, but the place is popular with students living in Rehavia. They have a choice of seven burgers, including a Beyond Burger and interesting toppings such as fig jam, jalapeno, and brisket.

Burger Room JLM,  18 Azza Street, 02 540 8484,  order online.

  1. Agadir (Machpud)

One of the better burger chains in Tel Aviv, this is the first branch of Agadir in Jerusalem and one of the few kosher branches. The quality of the food is not as good as the non-kosher branches. Despite being in Cinema City, the service is slow and unreliable, so be warned if you are going for a pre-movie meal.

Agadir, Cinema City, order online for delivery or call *5690.

  1. Cafe Yehoshua (Not Kosher)

The Yehoshua burger is served with smoked Asado and spicy tomato sauce and there is the option to add cheddar or Emmental cheese. They also serve a  Beyond Burger.

Cafe Yehoshua (Not Kosher), Azza 17, order online for delivery. 

Other Burger places in Jerusalem:

  • Berlin Burger (Kosher). Burger restaurant in Mamilla mall from the same owners as Luciana.
  • Bobby Burger (Badatz).  Burger restaurant in Beit Hakerem with a range of beef, chicken and vegan burgers.
  • Burger Market (Kosher). Popular as it is cheap, but I didn’t like the texture of the burger, the meat disintegrated when I ate it. I prefer to spend a bit extra for a better quality burger.
  • Casa Burger (Not Kosher). Burgers and other fast food in The First Station.
  • Crave (Mehuderet). For those who keep kosher and want to experience the taste of a bacon cheeseburger, then Crave provides the solution with lamb facon and cashew cheese. The burger menu includes a selection of steak burgers and smash burgers. I personally find it very expensive for what it is and for the same price, prefer a good steak burger at Jacko’s Street. Full Crave English menu.
  • GG Kubala (Kosher). The street food restaurant of the Machneyuda group has two burgers on the menu.
  • Karma Restaurant (Not Kosher). Family-friendly bistro in Ein Kerem village with a classic style burger and toppings.
  • In Burger (Badatz Ruben). Burger restaurant in Ramat Eshkol. Full menu and order online in English.
  • McDonald’s (Kosher & Not Kosher). Sometimes you just want a simple burger in a hurry, and for that McDonald’s is the perfect solution. The Entrecote burger is better than a regular BigMac but is sometimes overcooked. I prefer McDonald’s over other Israeli franchises which lack quality control and consistency.
  • Q’s Wings & Burger (Not Kosher). Take away wings and burger store in French Hill.
  • Ruben (Badatz Machpud). Chain of burger restaurants with a branch in Givat Shaul.
  • Sam’s Burger (Badatz Ruben). American diner restaurant in Har Hotzvim. Sam’s Burger English menu.
  • Segev Burger (Kosher). I was not sure why there is so much hype, I didn’t find the meat to be very flavorful. Order online or by phone 02 501 7170.
  • The Barrel & The Tap (Not Kosher). A pub in central Jerusalem with a burger and sushi menu and delivery. The burgers are OK but the chicken wings are very good.
  • Tommy’s (Mehadrin). Not my favorite place but popular with some,  Tommy’s English menu.
  • Twins (Mehadrin). Street food restaurant on the tracks close to The First Station, with a selection of seven burgers. Burgers are served in Moroccan Frena bread.

I hope that this post helps provide tips on where to eat pizza in Jerusalem. For more information on where to eat in Jerusalem, check out The Ultimate Guide to Eating in Jerusalem.

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Top 10 Burgers in Jerusalem


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