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Top 10 Kosher Restaurants in Tel Aviv & Herzliya

A Summary of the Best Kosher Restaurants in Tel Aviv.

The selection of good high-end kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv may not be as good as in Jerusalem, but there are some really great restaurants to choose from, even if most of them are in hotels. Many people will probably disagree with some of my choices but I have tried to include a variety of restaurant styles and not just listed my favorite ten steak restaurants.

Updated: Feb 2023

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Here is my list of the top ten must-try restaurants in Tel Aviv:

  1. Darya, Hilton Tel Aviv

Darya restaurant by Chef Hilel Tavakuli is described as modern silk road cuisine, a fusion of the Far East and Mediterranean food. The menu is full of creative and interesting flavor combinations. I have only eaten at Darya once as it is a relatively new restaurant but it was one of the best kosher meals I have ever had and the staff was knowledgeable and attentive.

My only criticism is that we had to ask a few times for clean plates and silverware as we were sharing and didn’t want to mix the fish and meat dishes. Additionally, if you plan to share, I would advise asking them to bring the food staggered so you can enjoy the flavors of each dish separately and not worry about one dish getting cold.

Darya, Hilton Tel Aviv, +972 3 520 2127.

  1. West Side, Royal Beach Tel Aviv

The food and service at West Side are the best in Tel Aviv, the hotel setting reduces the ambiance somewhat, but it is the perfect setting for a business or formal meal.

The varied and creative menu offers classic Mediterranean food with some Middle Eastern twists. Be sure to whet your appetite with either the Brioche with schug or the Jerusalem Bagel with tahina and tomato.  For starters, the Grouper & Cucumber Tartare, Mushroom & Chestnut Risotto, Lamb & Pine Nut Katayef, and Red Tuna Pizza are all great but my favorite is the Goose Liver Pate which is rich and creamy with Amarena cherries and toasted brioche as the perfect accompaniment.

For the main course, the Salmon and Grouper Fillet are both great but for me, nothing beats the Beef Fillet served with creamy mash, topped with a perfect amount of truffle sauce, bok choy, and a large piece of bone marrow.

The desserts are beautifully presented and great for sharing.  West Side is the perfect restaurant for those looking for an exquisite meal with fabulous service.

West SideRoyal Beach Tel Aviv, +972 3 740 5054.

  1. Malka 

Malka is Chef Eyal Shani‘s first kosher restaurant, with the same rustic style of his other restaurants. Shani is great at making a vegetable the hero of the dish, with starters including A Bag of Green Beans, Zucchini Baby Lollies, and Lima Beans. The main courses are elevated street-food dishes like Schnitzel filled with mashed potatoes, Minute Steak on a bed of tahina, and Chicken in a Coffee.

Most of the food is designed for sharing and served on brown paper.

Malka, 2 Dafna Street, Tel Aviv, +972 3 609 1331.

  1. Dvora

Dvora is Chef Eyal Shani‘s second kosher restaurant, located off the lobby of the Debrah Brown Hotel. The menu is similar to Malka with many of Shani’s signature dishes such as the Bag of Green Beans and Lima Beans, but there are also some new dishes unique to Dvora which include roast beef and gravlax served on a large stone.

Dvora , Debrah Brown Hotel, 87 Ben Yehuda , Tel Aviv  +972 77 724 2019. 

  1. Herbert Samuel, Ritz Carlton Herzliya

I have been fortunate to eat in Herbert Samuel in the Ritz Carlton Herzliya on a number of occasions and my overall experience has been very positive.

I tend to start with a light raw dish like the Red Tuna Crudo, Salmon, or Beef Tartare.  The Tomato Salad is Herbert Samuel’s signature dish and is very popular.  If you are dining with a fellow carnivore then I recommend ordering the Beef Chateau or the Prime Rib as they are both great options for a minimum of 2 diners. The fish dishes are also delicious, especially the salmon and grouper.  All the chocolate desserts are always incredible and worth saving room for. There is also a very impressive wine menu and the wine fridges line the length of the restaurant.

Herbert Samuel, Ritz Carlton Herzliya, +972 73 203 7596.

  1. Yakimono, Hilton Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has no shortage of good sushi restaurants but finding good kosher sushi is not as easy. Luckily Yakimono has a kosher branch in the Hilton Tel Aviv, serving classic Japanese food and sushi in a traditional environment.

Popular dishes include Akami Tataki, seared tuna on a bed of sprouts and quail eggs; Goma Sushi Mori, sushi balls wrapped in fish in chef’s sauce and Miso Black Cod.

Yakimono, Hilton Tel Aviv, +972 3 520 2128.

  1. Sereia

Sereia is an elegant dairy and fish restaurant in The David Kempinski hotel with a large display of fresh fish in the center of the restaurant.

Sereia, The David Kempinski, 51 HaYarkon Street, +972 74 766 2710.

  1. The Common 

The Common is a beautifully designed cocktail lounge off the hotel lobby, with a separate cigar room. The menu includes lighter dishes such as Caesar Salad and Raw Salmon, to more substantial dishes like burger and beef fillet (which was excellent).

The Common, The David Kempinski, 51 HaYarkon Street, +972 74 766 2730.

  1. Whiskey Bar & Museum (Tzohar)

Located in the basement of a Templar building, Whiskey Bar has walls lined with over 1000 types of whiskey, but it is still enjoyable for non-whiskey drinkers like myself. The setting and décor are very unique and there are plenty of large tables, so it is an ideal place for dinner with friends, but don’t expect much in the way of service.

Whiskey Bar & Museum, 27 David Elazar Street, Sarona Tel Aviv, +972 3 955 1105.

  1. Minato, Herzliya Pituach

Possibly one of the best sushi restaurants in Israel, the quality of the ingredients and the preciseness of the preparation are what distinguish Minato from most sushi places in Israel. The menu also includes some delicious cooked dishes like Agedashi Tofu, Katsu Chicken, and Minato Yakiniku (entrecote with a mild mirin sauce).

The design of the restaurant and the dishes used are beautiful and add to the dining experience. The only downside is that the restaurant is on the small side so space is limited.

Minato, 8 Ha’menofim St., Herzliya Pituach, +972 9 773 1703.

Other popular and new kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv:

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