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Valero - Kosher - Jerusalem - Wagyu Denver Steak

Debbest Foodie Dishes August 2020

Debbest Top 10 Israeli Foodie Dishes in August. As promised, this month I didn’t just eat in restaurants close to home but traveled around the country. The list below includes delicious dishes from my travels in the Galil, as well as some other meals along the way in Petach […]

Gin Cocktail 2 - Thinkers Distillery - Kosher - Jerusalem

Debbest Foodie Dishes July 2020

Debbest Top 10 Israeli Foodie Dishes in July. Amazingly it feels almost normal to be eating in restaurants, although I still prefer sitting outside. I was mostly in Jerusalem in July, but I promise August will be full of dishes from all over Israel! In chronological order, below […]

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