Debbest Guide to Pesach Eating

Debbest Guide to Pesach Eating

I originally started this blog for friends visiting Israel, especially for Pesach, wanting to know about new places to eat. One of my first blog posts back in 2011 was about Eating Well Over Pesach and eight years later, the choice has grown significantly. With a full week of Chol Hamoed this year, most kosher [...]


Breakfast by the Sea

Much as I love going for brunch in the Holy City, (see earlier post here), nothing compares to a visit to Benedict.  With 2 branches in Tel Aviv and a 3rd on the sea-front in Herzliya, Benedict serves every kind of breakfast you can wish for and is open 24 hours a day.  As nice [...]

Plenty of Fish in the Sea

As Jerusalem has such a wonderful selection of kosher restaurants to choose from, I rarely eat in places there that are not kosher.  However when I venture out of the holy city, it is nice to see what culinary delights Tel Aviv and the Mercaz have to offer, especially the locally caught fresh fish. Popular [...]