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Israel Foodie Roundup August 2021

News and reviews on the Israel Foodie scene. This month’s Israel foodie news includes Chef Assaf Granit and the Machneyuda group opening its first kosher restaurant and food truck in the Galei Kinneret Hotel, a chef bistro called Nomi opening in Kfar Monash in Emek Hefer, and Chef Aviv […]

Hayekev - Badatz Mehadrin - Netanya Restaurant - Sea View

Israel Beach Restaurants and Sea View Restaurants

A Summary of the Israel Beach Restaurants, Sea View and River View Restaurants. There is something special about eating a meal while overlooking the beach or sea and in many seaside cities around the world, some of the best restaurants are in the ports or on the beaches. I […]

Yama - Herzliya Pituach - Not Kosher - Beach Restaurant

Israel Beach Restaurants – Central District  

A Guide to Central Beach Restaurants and Sea View Restaurants in the Sharon / Merkaz Area. The Central beach restaurants are located along the Sharon plain which includes the beach towns of Herzliya Pituach, Netanya, Caesarea and Hadera. While Herzliya Pituach is my favorite beach town and has […]

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