Eating well at Pesach

Whether you love or hate Pesach as a festival, there is no question that living in Israel allows you to eat well throughout the week, especially in Jerusalem. My friends and family from all over come to spend Pesach in Israel and inevitably they want to know what new restaurants have opened and where they [...]


Lara – a Meditterean bistro in the heart of Jerusalem

Update - this restaurant has since closed. There are some places I go to that I like so much, that I feel they deserve their own post, well Lara is one of those.  If you have already read my December post about Canela you will know that until recently it was my favorite restaurant in [...]

When the mighty fall – Canela loses its crown.

Update - this restaurant has since closed. For the past 3 years, if anyone has asked me what my favorite restaurant in Jerusalem was - the answer was without doubt, Canela.  Whether it was dinner with visiting family, a girls night out, a date or a business lunch - Canela was ALWAYS good.  The waiters [...]