Idyllic country café in the Hula Valley

Update - In April 2019, Beit Haugot relocated to Zfat. As I have mentioned in other posts, I like to do research before I travel to make sure that I know about all the hidden foodie gems that I would never find otherwise.  This is one time when that research really paid off. Having been [...]

How the Hula Valley made me a bird watcher

Growing up in London, I was fortunate to live close to a country park which meant that many different species of birds would occasionally land in our garden.  I have no clue about names of species, I just appreciate beauty. However, the Hula Valley is a whole different ball game. It seems that many local [...]

Ahuzat Dobrovin – fine dining in a farm

I probably use the term hidden gem in reference to restaurants far too often, but in this case it is 100% accurate.  Not only is this kosher meat restaurant hidden in between fields and orchards in a moshava near the Hula Valley, it also seems that many locals do not realize that it actually functions [...]