Top Places to Eat in a Succah in Israel 2019

Top Places to Eat in a Succah in Israel 2019

As a visitor to Israel, it can be a little bit overwhelming keeping track of the different restaurants opening and closing, even more so when you are searching for a restaurant with a succah.  Although most kosher restaurants around Israel have a succah, there are a few that do not have outside space in order [...]

A feast fit for a king

Dining in style at the King David Hotel’s La Régence. There is no question that if you want to get the full experience in any restaurant, the best way to do that is via the tasting menu. It gives you a chance to appreciate the versatility of the chef and the true essence of the [...]

When hotels try too hard!

I recently got a temporary membership at the new Akasha gym at the Mamilla Hotel in Jerusalem.  There is no question that they have gone all out to create beautifully designed modern “wellbeing center” as they call it.  The state of the art gym has a selection of all the latest gym equipment, there is [...]