The Best Jerusalem Pick Up Bars – Take Two

Of all the information on this blog, the most read post by a long way is one I wrote in 2011 about The Best Jerusalem Pick Up Bars (mostly via the search term 'pick up girls jerusalem').  Since two of the bars mentioned have now closed, I decided it was about time that I wrote a [...]


Pesach Jerusalem 2017

I first started this blog because friends coming to Israel for Pesach would ask me where to eat and I thought it was easier to write one post, than repeat the same thing to everyone.  Since then, my Pesach posts have been some of my most popular so I hope this one is helpful too. [...]

Pesach friendly Nightlife

For the many singles that live in the Holy City and the numerous tourists who descend on it over Pesach, it is perhaps more important to know where they can have a “kosher” drink over Pesach than where they can eat. Anyone who has read my previous blog posts knows that in the past my [...]

Succot in the Holy City

As the tourists flock to Jerusalem for the Hagim, you can see people building their Succah all over the city.  There is a huge choice of places to go and eat during Succot, but be warned that many places only have a small Succah so it is preferable to make a reservation. Here are my [...]

Eating well at Pesach

Whether you love or hate Pesach as a festival, there is no question that living in Israel allows you to eat well throughout the week, especially in Jerusalem. My friends and family from all over come to spend Pesach in Israel and inevitably they want to know what new restaurants have opened and where they [...]

The Best Jerusalem Pick Up Bars

UPDATE: Click here for an updated version - Jerusalem Pick Up Bars Take Two Until recently, I never understood why the majority of bars in Israel were designed in such a way that the bar itself takes up an unecessary about of space in the middle of the room and is typically circular – unlike [...]

Glamming it up Jerusalem style

One thing I love about going out in Jerusalem, is that bars and restaurants are located in little pockets of the city, so it is very easy to hop from one place to another within the same night.  Often on a Thursday or Saturday night, I will go to eat first with friends, then go [...]