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Jezreel Valley Winery-Cheese Platter-Kosher-Galil

Top 10 Winery Visits in Northern Israel

A Guide to the Best North Israel Winery to Visits. Northern Israel wineries are divided into three main areas. The Shomron area includes the Sharon and up to Haifa. The Galil spreads from Haifa across to the Kinneret. The third area in the north of Israel is the […]

Srigim Winery Mateh Yehudah Israel

Top 10 Winery Visits Around Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

A Guide to the Best Wineries to Visit Between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. My criteria for a good winery visit is not just about the wine served.  I consider the overall experience, the setting of the winery, the knowledge and friendliness of staff/hosts and the food served. This […]

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