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The Best Speciality Coffee in Jerusalem

A Summary of the Best Speciality Coffee Shops in Jerusalem

The love of good coffee is not a new thing for most people but the choice of great specialty coffee shops in Jerusalem has expanded significantly in the last few years. Whether you are looking for a place to sit down to enjoy a coffee and a pastry, have a nice strong coffee on the go, or buy roasted beans to use at home, the coffee game in Jerusalem keeps getting better and better. I am a cold brew fanatic and the best I have found so far is from Sybaris in Rehavia. I also buy my ground beans from them. I really like the coffee from Roasters but I prefer the cold brew at Sybaris. If you are new to Jerusalem and want to know where to find the best coffee, hopefully, this post is helpful.

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Here is a list of my favorite specialty coffee shops in Jerusalem:

  1. Sybaris

This small café and roastery is a coffee lover’s haven. They opened a second store across the street with more outdoor seating and they have some great cakes and pastries to go with your coffee.

Sybaris (Not Supervised), 13 & 18 Azza Street, Rehavia, 02 590 8030

  1. Roasters

I like the cold brew in the summer and cortado in the winter and have also enjoyed the house blend ground for a French press. Roasters has three branches in Jerusalem. The original inside Shuk Machane Yehuda in the covered shuk. The second is on the corner of Bezalalel and Shmuel Hanagid Streets. The newest branch, Roasters Academy, is inside the Bezalel Academy building in the Russan Compound and is open to the public. Roasters also has branches in Modiin and Beersheva and offer free delivery all over Israel for coffee orders over NIS 199.

Roasters (Tzohar), 20 HaAfarsek Street, Machane Yehudah Shuk; 2 Bezalel Street & 1 Israel Zmora Street, 053 477 0494

  1. Birma Coffee

A small coffee roastery and shop, in the German Colony with only outdoor seating.

Birma Coffee (Kosher), 20 Emek Refaim Street, 02 544 5668

  1. Shuk Kaffe

More of a coffee shop than a café. They do serve hot and cold coffee drinks for takeaway, but the store focuses more on selling roasted coffee beans. As well as several single-origin beans, they also sell flavored coffee beans such as caramel, vanilla, pumpkin spice, chocolate, and hazelnut.

Shuk Kaffe (Kosher), 8 HaAfarsek Street, Shuk Machane Yehudah, 050 640 6400

  1. Izhiman’s Coffee

When it comes to authentic Arabic coffee, made with cardamom, Izhiman’s is the real deal. The company has branches all over Israel and the Palestinian Authorities. It is a common misconception that Arabic coffee and Turkish coffee are the same, but they are not. They sell bags of coffee to make at home, as well as individual sachets but do not have an online store.

Izhiman’s Coffee (Not Supervised), stand at Tachana Rishona, the original location is in Atarot

  1. Power Coffeeworks

The cafe has a varied hot and cold drinks menu, including novelty drinks like a Slutty Hippy, Dirty Hippy and Dirty Hippy Latte which are combinations of coffee and chai, and Affogato and Iced Chai. They sell a full selection of coffee beans, coffee makers, and liter bottles of regular and decaf Cold Brew. There is also a large covered outdoor area and a small indoor seating area.

Power Coffeeworks (Badatz Machtziki Hadat), 111 Agripas Street, 058 508 0350

  1. Liba Café

A boutique café on a small pedestrian street off King George Street. The cafe serves a variety of coffee-based drinks, as well as a matcha latte. There is a small food menu with sandwiches and a wonderful selection of pastries. Coffee beans are sold in the store but not online.

Liba Café (Kosher), 4 Shatz Street

  1. The Coffee Mill

A warm and friendly neighborhood café, The Coffee Mill has a wide variety of single-origin and blend coffee beans, as well as flavors like chocolate, caramel, vanilla hazelnut, and Irish cream. The cafe is often full of people working.

The Coffee Mill (Kosher), 23 Emek Refaim Street, 02-5661665 – online order and delivery 

  1. Metaphora Art Cafe

This artistic café is located in the tranquil Feingold Courtyard off Jaffa Street. As well as the hot drinks and food served in the café, they also sell Mae Cafe coffee beans for making at home.

Metaphora Art Cafe (Kosher), 31 Jaffa Street, 050 959 0004 

  1. You Need Coffee

This small coffee roasting house has two stores on Jaffa Street in the City Center. They sell a wide variety of coffee beans with the option to choose the roasting level and grind size, and you can also add cardamom to any ground coffee. The stores serve fresh coffee and sell bottles of cold brew.

You Need Coffee (Not Supervised), 30 & 78 Yaffo Street, 058 444 4359 – online order and delivery

Here are some great coffee shops outside Jerusalem that deliver coffee beans or ground coffee:

  • Agrocafe (Mehadrin) sells single-source and mixed-source coffee, directly from the farmers. The cafe is located in Moshav Srigim-Li On in the Ella Valley, and delivery is free for orders over NIS 225.
  • Cafelix is a popular coffee shop in Tel Aviv with four branches. Their coffee is sourced directly from farmers with an emphasis on sustainability and ecology. Delivery is free for orders over NIS 300.
  • Kilimanjaro Coffee is a coffee roaster with an online store, shipping all over Israel.
  • Mae is a family-run coffee business importing gourmet 100% arabica coffee from Costa Rica and Columbia. Mae has four branches in Tel Aviv, and the coffee beans are also served in other cafes around Israel and can be purchased online.
  • Nahat sells artisanal coffee beans from all over the world, both single-origin and blends. There is free shipping across Israel for orders over NIS 200.

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      • While I cannot really compare their hot coffee since I ordered different hot coffee drinks from them during my visits, I can say that Power Coffeeworks is more accommodating in terms of seats availability, space and being free from all the hustle of the Mahane Yehuda market. Of course, drinking coffee while seated at Roasters naturally puts me closer to the Mahane Yehuda food-beverage-souvenir joints for the my next walk around.

  1. You can find Roasters at Betzalel 2/ Shmuel Hanagid 8 and also at the new Betzalel Academy campus at the Russien compound

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