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Idyllic country café in the Hula Valley

Update – In April 2019, Beit Haugot relocated to Zfat. As I have mentioned in other posts, I like to do research before I travel to make sure that I know about all the hidden foodie gems that I would never find otherwise.  This is one time when […]

Trattoria Haba combines international style with local flavors

The Haba family has been an essential part of the Jerusalem shuk for over 50 years, since they moved to Israel from Iraq. What started as a small bread stand has developed into a baking empire and as the life in Machaneh Yehuda has evolved, so has their […]

A healthy alternative in Nachlaot

Update: Nagila recently closed as a restaurant and reopened as a bar – December 2019 The choice of restaurants in Jerusalem’s Nachlaot neighborhood has multiplied in the past few years, but although many of them focus on using the fresh ingredients from the nearby Machaneh Yehuda market, most […]

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