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Israel Beach Restaurants – Central District  

A Guide to Central Beach Restaurants and Sea View Restaurants in the Sharon / Merkaz Area.

The Central beach restaurants are located along the Sharon plain which includes the beach towns of Herzliya Pituach, Netanya, Caesarea and Hadera. While Herzliya Pituach is my favorite beach town and has the best selection of seaside dining, there are also some good culinary options along the coastline, especially in the Caesarea Port.

Herzliya Pituach Beach and Sea View Restaurants

The restaurants on the beach in Herzliya Pituach are generally of a higher standard than anywhere else in the country. The Herzliya Marina includes a number of restaurants with large outside seating areas overlooking the boats, with the sea behind them. The restaurants in the marina range from family-friendly cafe chains to high-level chef restaurants, both kosher and non-kosher. Herzliya is one of my favorite places and I have enjoyed the food and drink at many of the beach-side and marina restaurants over the years.

  • 4 Sea (Kosher) is a sushi bar and restaurant next to the Daniel Hotel with a varied fish and sushi menu.
  • Benedict Herzliya is a 24/7 all-day breakfast cafe, with a large outside sitting area opposite the sea. Check out the Benedict English menu for the full selection of breakfast options.
  • Benny HaDayag is a traditional fish restaurant in the Herzliya Marina, serving a mezze of starters and a selection of grilled fresh fish and seafood.
  • Bistro 56 (Kosher) is a meat restaurant on the first floor of the Arena Mall, overlooking the Marina. Check out the Bistro 56 English menu.
  • Cafe Cafe (Mehadrin) is a simple dairy cafe chain, overlooking the Herzliya Marina.
  • Dana Point is a beachside bistro on the Accadia Beach, serving Mediterranean dishes such as smoked fish, beef tartare and kebab.
  • Derby Bar is a fish restaurant with a large outside seating area facing the Marina. The menu includes a variety of grilled fish, seafood, grilled meat and pasta dishes, here is the full Derby Bar English menu.
  • El Terrace Restaurant is a new Arab fusion chef restaurant in the Okeanos Suites overlooking the sea. Menu items include smoked whole fish, smoked whole chicken stuffed with rice and meat and smoked hamburger. Here is the full El Terrace English menu.
  • Flora Beach is a bar and surf club on Herzliya Beach, close to the Marina.
  • Fresh Kitchen (Badatz Beit Yosef) is a cafe chain with a branch in the Marina, overlooking the boats.
  • Gazebbo is a beach club, bar and restaurant located on a long deck over Sharon Beach. Here are the Gazebbo English menus.
  • Herbert Samuel(Kosher) in the Ritz Carlton Herzliya is a chef restaurant overlooking the Marina. Although it is a meat restaurant, the fish and vegetarian dishes are also delicious. I have eaten there many times and the food was always delicious.
  • Lager & Ale is a pub in the Marina serving traditional pub food such as burgers, fish & chips, nachos, pretzels and chicken nuggets.
  • Lechem Basar (Badatz Machpud) is a meat grill restaurant in the Marina catering to the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community.
  • Maka Maka is a restaurant on the beach underneath the elevator on Accadia beach. It is one of my favorite beach restaurants. Even though it is overpriced based on the location, the food is pretty good, whether you want a snack on the beach or a full meal, here is the full Maka Maka English menu.
  • Nammos is a fancy seafood and sushi restaurant in the Marina overlooking the sea.
  • Naya Beach & Bar is a beach restaurant with a courtyard that turns into a bar in the evening.
  • Nika Beach is a simple restaurant on a deck over Sharon Beach.
  • Nine Bar is a restaurant and bar in the Marina with a large outdoor seating area. The varied menu includes grilled meat and fish, salads, stir fry noodles and a full sushi menu. Full Nine Bar English menu.
  • Papagaio (Mehadrin) is a Brazilian-table style restaurant with an unlimited meat tasting menu and a normal a la carte menu with a variety of grilled meat dishes.
  • Yam 7 is an elegant restaurant located on the beach promenade underneath the Dan Accadia Hotel. Open for lunch and dinner during the week and all day, including breakfast, at the weekends. Here is the full Yam 7 English menu.
  • Yam Bar is a beach bar on Accadia Beach, serving smoothies, juices, acai bowls and salads during the day and alcohol and bar snacks at night.
  • Yama is a bistro and bar located on a wooden deck over Sharon Beach.

Netanya Beach and Sea View Restaurants

In the past, most of the restaurants near the beach in Netanya were on the promenade above the beach, without much of a view. However, there are now more restaurants on the beach itself, and some on the cliff with views of the sea.

  • Bamboo Village is a bar, juice bar, restaurant and surf club on Poleg Beach south of Netanya.
  • Banana Beach Michmoret is a surf club and beach restaurant on Michmoret Beach, north of Netanya.
  • Bar Italia is an Italian brasserie underneath the Vert Lagoon Hotel, opposite the sea, from the owners of Pomo Italiano in Ramat Hachayal.
  • Cafe Cafe (Kosher) is a dairy chain cafe restaurant on Sironit Beach.
  • Cafe Ve Yam is a coffee cart on the cliff overlooking the beach in South Netanya.
  • Chubby’s (Kosher) is an American Diner in the Island View Complex.
  • Greg Cafe (Mehadrin) is a dairy chain cafe directly on Sironit Beach with a large covered terrace on a platform on the beach.
  • Hayekev (Badatz Chatam Sofer) is an Italian-style dairy restaurant with a large outside terrace on the promenade overlooking the sea.
  • Kushi Beach is a simple restaurant on Michmoret Beach.
  • Marrakesh (Kosher) is a Moroccan restaurant on the promenade serving traditional Moroccan dishes.
  • Nishi is a modern Asian restaurant and sushi bar underneath the Vert Lagoon Hotel, opposite the sea.
  • Red Bar (Kosher) is a burger and grilled meat restaurant in the park overlooking the sea.
  • Ruben (Kosher) is a burger and smoked meat restaurant on Sironit beach in North Netanya.
  • Yammos (Kosher) is a Greek-style fish and meat restaurant on Sironit beach in North Netanya

Hadera Beach and Sea View Restaurants

There are not many beach restaurants in the Hadera area. Beit Hankin in the Hadera area has been forced to close because it is located on the edge of a cliff that is potentially falling.

  • Benny Hadayag is located on the beach in Kfar Hayam Bay, serving a selection of fresh fish dishes and salads.

Caesarea Beach and Sea View Restaurants

The Caesarea Port complex is surrounded by the ruins of the ancient Herodian port and most of the restaurants directly overlook the sea. Access to the port is via the entrance to the Caesarea National Park, which includes a large archaeological park and museum.

  • Aresto (Badatz Beit Yosef) is a dairy restaurant in the Caesarea Port that includes a taboon pizza oven.
  • Beach Bar is a restaurant on Caesarea beach next to the ruins of the Roman Aqueduct. The restaurant has an extensive menu and a fun vibe.
  • Helena is a modern Middle Eastern restaurant in the Caesarea Port. The full Helena English menu includes a variety of Gluten-free options.
  • Limani is a Greek-style seafood bistro at the end of the Old Roman Port and Fortress of Caesaria. Here is the full Limani English menu.
  • Port Cafe (Kosher) in the Caesarea Port serves breakfast daily until midday, followed by a varied lunch and dinner Mediterranean menu which includes small tapas dishes, salads, grilled fish and meat, and taboon baked dishes.
  • The Crusaders / Hatzalbanim (Kosher) is a grilled fish and meat restaurant overlooking the sea in the Caesarea Port. It is open for lunch and dinner.

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  1. Its worth trying Cassis on the beach between Jaffa and Bat Yam. Lovely food and atmosphere. It was once a quiet spot for a brunch but no longer

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