Celebrating Hag in the Holy City

Celebrating Succot in the Holy City is a unique experience; everywhere you turn you see succot hanging off the side of buildings in all shapes and sizes.  Many of the city’s kosher restaurants join in the fun making creative use of the space they have, some more successfully than others!  Anyone who has read my posts before will know my choice of where to eat based on food so this post will focus on which restaurants have the best choice of succot to eat in, the caveat is that this is written based on my experience from last year, I apologize if anything has changed.  So here goes!

Top of my list is without doubt Angelica.  Not only do they have a wonderfully varied menu and great service, last year they had the Rolls Royce of succot.  Being situated on a pedestrian road is a huge advantage, but they also managed to build it in such a way that it was tastefully decorated and protected you from the often cool Jerusalem evenings.

Again, their location on a pedestrian street means that Lara, Gabriel and Gabriela all have very nice succot on offer.  The one at Lara is definitely large, comfortable and the low key design fits the more relaxed style of the restaurant.  The succah at Gabriel is normally very ornately decorated but a bit over the top for my taste, they are clearly catering to the American tourists!   They just changed owners and apparently it is not the same as it used to be, so let me know if you try it and have feedback!

A new favorite of mine for good value delicious fresh cooked food is Malka Rotisserie.  Jointly owned by Chef Marcos Gershkovitz of Angelica, Keren and Itzek Kadosh from Cafe Kadosh  Gilad Shalom and Adi Talmor, a restaurant entrepreneur whose ventures include Sushi Rehavia and Colony and who also co-owns Grand Cafe with Gershkowitz.  As the name suggests, the main dish on the menu is rotisserie chicken which can be seen being cooked in the center of the restaurant.  Each main dish comes as it is and side dishes are extra, but treat yourself to the roasted vegetables which cook in the juices of the chicken at the bottom of the rotisserie and you will not be disappointed.  They also have great burgers and corned beef, as well as other options on the menu.  The side deck has been converted into a succah which is very convenient.

All 3 branches of Sushi Rehavia have great outdoor areas that provide for comfortable succot, perfect for a sushi fix or for one of their delicious Asian main dishes. 

Top of my list of places I have not tried in years is Eucalyptus in the artist’s colony opposite Jaffa Gate.  Specialties include Stuffed Figs with Chicken and Oven Baked Lamb.

Of course there are numerous other places to go all over the city.  For a longer list of restaurants with succot, take a look at Eluna here and as always, don’t forget to book!

Other fun things to do in Jerusalem over Succot this year include the “Succot Designers Fair on Hillel Street” The fashion and accessories fair will take place on Hillel Street on October 2-4, and 7-9, from 12-8pm.

On Wednesday, October 3rd there will be a street party on Derech Bet Lechem from 5-11pm which will include stalls with arts and crafts, music and food stands.

This year the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens will feature a ‘Chocolate-Vanilla-Orchids’ event on October 2-4.   You can take a tour through cocoa, vanilla, and coffee trees or join one of the various workshops including chocolate making.   Orchids will be on display in the tropical greenhouse and lectures and demonstrations on orchid growing will take place.

Wishing you all, hag sameach!

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