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Deb’best Dishes January 2020

Top 10 Deb’best Dishes in January.

I think in a former life I was an animal that hibernates in winter. January has been a quiet month with only a few meals out but some great street food. Below is a list of my best dishes in January.

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  1. Beef Carpaccio @Touro (Kosher), Jerusalem. The thinly sliced beef was served with balsamic caviar, rocket and croutons. The restaurant has a stunning view of the Old City with a calm ambiance. We had a few service hiccups but they were very friendly and eventually fixed their mistakes.Beef Carpaccio - Touro - Kosher - Jerusalem
  2. Jerusalem Toast @Cafe Alma, Neve Tzedek (Not Kosher). A simple toast in an adorable cafe in Neve Tzedek. The coffee was also really good.
  3. Mini Arais @Kababasta (Kosher), Jerusalem. These juicy bites of meat in pita are perfect for sharing and I particularly like the merguez sausage filling. Here is the Kababasta English menu.Merguez Sausage - Kababasta - Jerusalem - Kosher
  4. Beef Fillet @Jacko’s Son (Kosher), Jerusalem. Three beautifully seared medallions of beef fillet were served with roasted carrots, bok choy and a sous-vide egg.Beef Fillet - Jacko's Son - Kosher - Jerusalem
  5. Gin & Tonic @Jacko’s Son (Kosher), Jerusalem. I decided to try a new French gin this time, which was good but Gin Mare is still my favorite. It is nice that they keep expanding their gin selection.
  6. Smashed Burger @Harvey’s Burger Shack (Mehuderet), Jerusalem. I had the single (125g) smashed burger toppied with Applewood smoked Asado Bacon, which came to NIS 50. It was very tasty but the bun was a bit big for the burger and I found the prices to be high, considering it is a fast food place.  We were also disappointed by the pre-bought fries. Here is the full Harvey’s Burger Shack English menu.Smashed Burger - Harvey's Burger Shack - Jerusalem - Kosher
  7. Roast Beef Frena @Just Meat (Kosher), Jerusalem. The Moroccan frena bread is home-made with an amazing crunchy outside and soft inside. I had the roast beef sandwich (sirloin) but the siniya also looked amazing. The fries are homemade, double-fried and amazing!Roast Beef Frena - Just Meat - Kosher - Jerusalem
  8. Emmental Crepe @Breizh Creperie (Kosher), Jerusalem. The crepe was filled with Emmental, pesto, mushrooms and rocket with a cracked egg in the middle. It was a simple yet delicious meal.Emmental Crepe - Breizh Creperie - Kosher - Jerusalem
  9. Mushroom Risotto @Cafe Gan Sipur (Mehadrin), Jerusalem. The risotto was well cooked, with a good flavor, but I didn’t like the large chunks of virtually raw garlic inside. At night the cafe attracts a very haredi crowd, I was the only person there in jeans, but it is a nice local cafe.
  10. Potato Pizza @Partigiano Pizza (Kosher), Jerusalem. I have tried a few of the toppings but the potato pizza with either the white or tomato base are my favorite.Partigiano Pizza Kosher Jerusalem

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