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Top 10 Outdoor Bars in Jerusalem

A Selection of the Best Outdoor Bars in Jerusalem & Bars with Outdoor Seating.

One of the best things about Jerusalem is the cooler nights during the summer months. Eating and drinking at outdoor bars is such a pleasure in the fresh Jerusalem air and has become more popular than ever during Corona times. It seems that many of you are searching for a nice outdoor bar in Jerusalem for a special occasion or catching up with friends.

Here is a list of  10 outdoor bars in Jerusalem to enjoy drinks and food:

  1. Yudale Bar

Yudale Bar is known as the tapas bar of Machneyuda, although it doesn’t actually serve tapas. There are a few fixed seats on a small outside bar and several small tables on the pavement. On busier nights, the action overflows onto the streets with some people standing with their drinks. The menu is a mini-version of the main restaurant, so it is a great way to try Machneyuda food in an outdoor setting.

Yudale Bar (Not Kosher), 11 Beit Yaakov Street, 02 533 3442.

  1. Andalucia

The Spanish-themed tapas and cocktail bar is beautifully decorated inside and has the advantage of being located on Kikar Hamusica with a large outdoor space. The central stage of the square often features live concerts at night, with details featured on the website. Andalucia has an impressive cocktail menu and an interesting bar food menu.

Andalucia, (Mehuderet), Kikar Hamusica, 12 Ma’avar Beit HaKnesset, 02 626 6306Andalucia English Menu.

  1. Hadir

Located in the grounds of Hansen House, Hadir bar is a great neighborhood outdoor bar, with a bar snack menu, from the owners of Meshek Ofaimme. As well as several tables in the bar area, there is also an option to take drinks and food and sit in the sculpture garden of the complex.

Hadir (Dairy, not supervised), Gdalyahu Alon St 14, Jerusalem, 02 579 3702.

  1. Wine Bar

The bar food menu at Wine Bar includes a selection of bruschetta, club sandwiches, cheese platter, cold meat platter and various nibbles. The bar has a small row of outdoor bar seats as well as some small tables at the side of the restaurant. It is extremely popular with local residents, especially on Friday nights.

Wine Bar (Not Kosher), 28 Derech Aza, 02 966 6472.

  1. Pergamon Restaurant

The vegetarian bar and restaurant has an enclosed courtyard hidden at the back and tables on the pavement at the front of the restaurant. Pergamon serves a selection of Mediterranean tapas dishes and a variety of cocktails and a separate gin and tonic menu.

Pergamon Restaurant (Vegetarian, Not Supervised) 7 Heleni Ha-Malka Street, 050 811 1271, full Pergamon English menu.

  1. Hataklit

A simple bar is located on the corner of a quiet street with a large pavement seating area. Hataklit has a 1+1 happy hour, every day from 4 pm to 9 pm.

Hataklit (Not Kosher), Heleni ha-Malka St 7, Jerusalem, 02 624 4073.

  1. Zuta

The cocktail bar of the 1868 group is located at the back half of the main restaurant and has a lovely garden to sit in. Zuta combines well-executed cocktails with simple and delicious food. There is a 1+1 cocktail happy hour from 6 to 7 pm.

Zuta (Kosher), 10 King David Street, 02 622 2312 – Zuta English Food Menu & Cocktail Menu.

  1. JLM Sushi

Despite the name, JLM Sushi is more of a Japanese bar with a variety of Japanese dishes, including sushi. The menu is well suited to ordering lots of small dishes to share and the sushi is clean and simple with a focus on good quality ingredients. The cocktail menu includes a variety of Asian-influenced cocktails and there is also a great selection of sake.

JLM Sushi has some tables on the wide pavement outside the restaurant.

JLM Sushi (Kosher), 10 King David Street, 02 622 2312 – JLM Sushi English Food & Cocktail Menu.

  1. Bolinat

Located off Ben Yehuda on a small pedestrian street, Bolinat is a popular pavement cafe and bar. It is especially busy over the weekend and is open 24/7. The young Israeli staff is friendly and helpful, and the bar menu has a surprisingly great choice of snacks and main dishes, including a great burger menu.

Bolinat (Not Kosher), 6 Dorot Rishonim Street, 02 624 9733.

  1. HaSchena

HaSchena is a hipster bar near the shuk and is particularly busy on a Thursday night. There is a long and thin covered balcony/smoking area which I find to be cramped at the best of times but is technically outdoors. There is also a table at the entrance to the bar. People often overflow from the bar and stand on the pavement outside.

HaSchena (Kosher), 11 Beit Yaakov Street, 02 537 5916.

Other Outdoor Bars in Jerusalem

  • Deja Bu (Not Kosher) is a restaurant and bar in Gan Haatzmaut with a large outside area. There is a varied menu, but I find it quite overpriced.
  • Neve Tzedek (Not Kosher) is a small courtyard bar behind Rothschild Bar on Hillel Street with a food and cocktail menu.
  • Shoshana Bar (Not Kosher) is located at the end of Shoshan Street behind City Hall. 1+1 Happy hour from 8 to 10 pm.
  • The Garden Terrace (Kosher) in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel is only open during the summer months. The outdoor cocktail and tapas bar is located on the fourth floor of the hotel. Dishes served include crispy potato with herb aioli, tempura cauliflower with tahina and tomato salsa, and Arais.
  • The Rabbit Hole (Not Kosher) is a small gin and tonic bar on Yanai Street with some outside seating and various Happy Hour options.
  • The Summer Bar (Not Kosher) is located in the set in the picturesque Palm House garden of The American Colony Hotel. The bar menu features pizzas and other bread dishes made in the wood-fired oven along with a cocktail menu.

I hope that this post helps you decide which outdoor bars to go to in Jerusalem. If you have any ideas of similar posts you would like to read, please be in touch or comment below. To receive updates as they happen, please follow me on Facebook, Instagram and subscribe to my newsletter.

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