The Best Jerusalem Pick Up Bars – Take Two

Of all the information on this blog, the most read post by a long way is one I wrote in 2011 about The Best Jerusalem Pick Up Bars (mostly via the search term ‘pick up girls Jerusalem).  Since two of the bars mentioned have now closed, I decided it was about time that I wrote a new post.

Mirror Bar in the Mamilla Hotel, which appears in my original post, is still one of the most stylish bars in Jerusalem.  During the week it is a quiet hotel bar, popular for dates and groups of friends, but on a Thursday night, it gets much busier and often has groups of men and women looking to be sociable.

The ultimate Jerusalem pick-up bar is Dublin Irish Pub in the city center. There is always great music and a fun atmosphere – I just wish they would serve better wine!

On both Thursday and Friday night, the bar is full of local Jerusalemites and ex-pats looking for a fun night out.  The age range is typically 28+ and although there is a non-smoking room at the side, the action is in the main bar so be prepared to leave stinking of smoke from head to toe!

If you are looking for more of a club atmosphere then Toy Bar is the place to be.  The upstairs bar is always busy at the weekend and typically with a slightly younger crowd, although it is suitable for all ages.  In peak times, the action overflows to the club downstairs doubling the fun.

Other popular Jerusalem bars are Monaco Bar, which attracts mostly students but always seems to be busy; Haschena, which is a local hipster bar near the shuk but can have a party scene on a Thursday night and Yudale Bar (the little sister to popular restaurant Machneyuda), a fun restaurant/bar most nights of the week but the action overflows onto the street on the warmer months and even on some colder weekend nights.

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