Top 10 Street Foods in the Jerusalem Shuk

A Selection of the Best Jerusalem Street Food in the Machane Yehuda Shuk

Street food has been around for centuries but in the last few years it has become more popular the world over and Israel is no exception.  As the street food phenomenon has spread, new places have opened all over Jerusalem but some of the best Jerusalem street food is in the Machane Yehuda shuk where you can now find a wide variety of interesting street food offerings including traditional dishes all over the world.

There are so many places to choose from but here are my top picks of Jerusalem street food:


Even though other burger joints have opened in the area, Josef Burger is still my favorite. My preference is for the Angus Burger (NIS 45) which I find to be more tender and juicy than the house burger. They have a great choice of toppings and the service is normally quick and friendly. There is also a good business lunch deal for NIS 55 including a main, side dish and drink. My standard order is a medium Angus burger with goose breast and green salad and as a special treat, I get goose liver and/or chili pineapple toppings.

Josef Burger (Kosher), 123 Agripas Street, 073 758 4219 – delivery menu.

Memphis Burger is also very good, the burger itself is great but the bread always seems to disintegrate and it is also a fast food/take out place, whereas Josef is a fun place to sit and enjoy your meal.


The beauty of Pasta Basta is in the simplicity of the offering. First, you choose your pasta, then a sauce and finally extra toppings, with the price starting at NIS 23.  The pasta is all freshly made and the sauces and toppings are equally fresh. They also serve soup, salad and wine from the barrel for NIS 16 a glass!

Pasta Basta (Hashgacha Pratit), 8 Hatut Street – English menu.


The concept at Dwiny is open or closed sandwiches so each dish can be ordered either inside a pillowy fresh pita, or on top of small toasted pita bruschetta style.  All the ingredients are fresh and interesting with fillings including seared entrecote, osso buco, fried red mullet and crispy cauliflower.  My favorite dishes are the Entrecote pita (NIS 38) and the Lamb Siniya with tahina and pickled lemon (NIS 42).

Dwiny Pita Bar (Kosher), 6 Beit Ya’akov Street, 050 474 2428 – English menu.

Dwiny Pita Kosher Jerusalem Credit-Eti Namir


As a Brit, nothing tastes quite like the real thing but Fishenchips is definitely the closest option I have had in Israel and it has already outlasted all its competition in the shuk.  The Mixed Crunchy Cod Goujons with chips (NIS 42) includes a mixture of batters and is probably the most popular dish but the Panko Red Tuna with chips (NIS 47) is also a delicious and interesting dish.

Fishenchips (Kosher- dairy/parev), 12 HaEgoz Street, 02 624 9503.


Since Ishtabach opened a few years ago, they have been so popular that they have already expanded twice, but they have managed to keep the intimacy of the service and atmosphere.  The specialty dish is Shamburak, a Kurdish Syrian pastry filled with meat and vegetables, baked in a stone oven and served with various homemade sauces and salads.  Fillings include Asian chicken (NIS 41), asado (NIS 45) and tongue (NIS 54) and there is also a vegetarian option and some salads on the menu.

Ishtabach (Mehadrin), 1 HaShikma Street, 02 623 2997 – English menu.Ishtabach Badatz Jerusalem Street Food


There is finally a place to get a good slice of pizza in the shuk! Craft Pizza opened in June 2018 and serves pizza by the slice, with a great flavor and lovely sourdough base. As well as traditional options, they also other tasty toppings like grilled zucchini, beet, kalamata olives, pineapple and chili, and a great spicy salsa on the side. A slice of margarita pizza is NIS 14.

Craft Pizza (Mehadrin), 12 HaTapuach Street, 02 663 3847.

Craft Pizza Mehadrin Jerusalem Mushroom Pizza


This popular steakiah (meat grill) has a separate takeaway window along with street-side tables.  The extensive takeaway menu includes their famous Jerusalem mixed grill and my personal favorite, succulent pargit (NIS 54 in laffa), both with their secret spice mix. There is also a selection of salads and main courses in takeaway containers if you are extra hungry or don’t want bread.

Hatzot (Kosher), 121 Agripas Street, 073 758 4204 – English menu.

Jerusalem Mix Kosher Hatzot Restaurant

  1. HATCH

Hatch is primarily known for its homemade sausages and craft beer, but other popular dishes include Fried Chili Mac n Cheese Balls (NIS 24), Classic Buffalo Wings (NIS 32) and home-made kettle chips (NIS 15). As well as five varieties of craft beer, they also serve a selection of cocktails and Frosé – a rosé wine slushy. They also deliver

Hatch (Mehadrin), 28 HaEgoz Street, 02 656 3691 – delivery menu.

Hatch Wings - Jerusalem - Mehadrin


This popular Georgian bakery, specializes in Hachapuri, a selection of cheese-filled breads.  My favorite is Acharuli (NIS 30 small, 35 large) which has a cracked egg on top, designed so you can break off the crispy crust and dip it into the cheese and egg center. They sell a variety of other Georgian pastries but the one with the egg on top is the most popular.

HaChapuria , 5 HaShikma Street (corner with HaEshkol).



An iconic part of the street-food scene, this falafel stand in the open shuk is always busy so you can guarantee a piping hot fresh batch of falafel.

Falafel HaAchim Levy, 60 Agripas Street, corner of Machene Yehuda Street, 02 625 0282.

Another place that deserves a special mention is SushiYa, which is not technically in the shuk but is very close by and worth the extra walk.

The menu at SushiYa is limited and there is not much seating but the food is always incredibly fresh and well made.  The type of fish varies based on availability but they have all the standard sushi dishes and also serve a great poke bowl (and have done for years before they became so popular elsewhere).  The Fish bowl is NIS 35 and includes a mix of raw and cooked fish, with a selection of raw, cooked and pickled vegetables.  It is tasty, filling and great value.

SushiYa (Kosher), 1 Trumpeldor Street (corner with Bezalel), 02 625 9055.

Sushi Bowl - SushiYa - Kosher - Jerusalem

There are so many other street food places that are worth visiting in the shuk, like Jachnun Bar for a Yemenite malawach and Argento for Argentinian empanadas.There are now also plenty of dessert options, including waffles at Soramelo or cinnamon buns at Urbun.

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